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10 Tips for Saving for your Down Payment

Are you DYING to save for that down payment for your first home? In 2009,…

How Dr. Seuss Relates to Real Estate

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at “Seussical the Musical” at the Storybook Theatre…

Costs During The Mortgage Process

Costs During the Mortgage Process

Check out this quick video to make sure you're clear on the costs associated with…

Mortgage Application Support

Mortgage Application Support

Check out this video with help and advice about your mortgage application!

Timelines And Expectations
Dropbox Folder Guide

Dropbox Folder Guide

Being a sophisticated real estate investor means knowing your financial situation and the financial situation…

Appraisals 101
Building Long-Term Wealth

Building Long-Term Wealth

Renée explains how leasing a single family home might be a totally boring approach to investing, but…

The Power Of Real Estate

The Power of Real Estate

Renée explains the power of real estate in a retirement portfolio by comparing it to…

3 Great Apps
An Introduction To Renée

An Introduction to Renée

“My passion is to educate, support and advocate for home buyers through the biggest transaction…

The Unconventional Checklist

The Unconventional Checklist

My “Unconventional Checklist for First Time Homebuyers” is designed to help you dig into the…

Are You A #mortgagephobe?

Are you a #mortgagephobe?

Are you terrified of committing to a mortgage and then not being able to make…



Want to know the single most important tip that is SURE to help EVERY SINGLE…