How Dr. Seuss Relates to Real Estate

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at “Seussical the Musical” at the Storybook Theatre and I had a brainwave.  (I know – scary right?)

Let’s start with this, The Storybook Theatre is, in my opinion, the MOST amazing value for theatre in Calgary and the productions are nothing short of world class.  It is truly my favourite family outing.  Not only is it a small venue, so it allows you to feel right in the centre of it all, the productions are on time (to the minute) and the children that attend are so dazzled by the productions, there isn’t a peep from any of them.  I really encourage you to check it out!

So on with the brainwave.  We’ve all heard it, but I’m going to put it here for you, in bold.  The famous Dr. Seuss quote, “Think left and think right, think low and think high, oh the thinks you can think if only you try.”  

I’ve spoken to a number of clients recently about investment real estate and the power that it has had in my life.  But, I think the most powerful conversation that I’ve been having with referral partners AND my clients recently is really about “thinking BIGGER.”    And, as I was sitting at the theatre on Friday, I was thinking about all the “thinks I can think” about Real Estate.

I think as a Mortgage Broker, the best part of my job is working with young buyers that have no “real estate thinks.”  I am in the super exciting position of inviting them to think a little bit BIGGER.  How exciting – to see the lightblub go off when we invite a 25 year old, first time home buyer to consider that in 5 years – maybe they can rent this property out and purchase another one!  Maybe in 30 years, they will be free and clear on 2 properties, and they only paid one mortgage!  How exciting – to speak to a recently divorced woman, with a chunk of money from her divorce, thinking of her bleak future alone, and invite her to consider all the incredible “real estate thinks” she could think about with her money.  What about a retired couple that wants to travel more – what thinks can they think?  Are they downsizing, thinking about a CHIP mortgage?  Would a suited property work better for them so that someone is in their home when they’re gone?  Or are these people just stuck, wishing and wanting for more.

Is your Mortgage Broker asking you to think bigger?  To think outside the box?  Are they strategizing with you about what YOU really want.  Are you “thinking all the thinks” that you could be?

Now, I want to be clear here.  I am not TELLING anyone to do anything.  I’ve just made a commitment, in my business and in my life, to think as BIG as I can.  With that, I’ve committed to check myself and the people around me when they are stuck.  We all know, deep down, what we want, why we want it and what we need to do to go and get it.  Often, we just need someone to ask a few questions and help us get out of our own way!  Good mortgage professionals – if we’re asking the right questions – should be inviting you to “think a few more thinks!”

Here is my offer – if you would like me to sit down with you and talk about ideas and goals for today or well into the future, I would LOVE to share any of my real estate/mortgage/financial thinks.  I recently spoke at 2 different Real Estate Brokerages and the reviews were quite good.  Here is a review I found on my Facebook page recently:

“Not only is Renee a very clever & skilled mortgage broker, she also possesses a natural ability for speaking and teaching effectively.  I just watched her class on real estate for investors called “The Reality of Rental Real Estate,” and my mind was blown.  I got more out of her free, 2-hour class than I did out of the 392 hours of Rich Dad Education Courses + Mentor package (that I paid approximately $50,000 for)!  She is an authentic, bright, creative, B I G thinker with a powerful message who has a very special and rare talent for helping to position first time buyers properly into the real estate game, from the beginning.  Lastly, Renee truly and deeply cares about her clients and people in general – she just radiates this quality.” 

Please reach out and connect with me to set up a consultation!

To your success,

Renée Huse

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