Hi, I'm Renée Huse

“My passion is to educate, support and advocate for home buyers through the biggest transaction of their lives.” 

Sometimes I get questions about who I am, where I’ve been, where I’m headed and why I have such strong opinions!

My first real job started like this.

They gave me a desk.  They gave me a computer.  They gave me a line of credit.  They told me to make money or I’d be fired.

I wasn’t fired.

For 9 years I worked with one of the most creative, dedicated and hard working groups of people I have ever met.  We bought, sold and managed assets, planned customized hedging strategies for our customers and grew a small trading book into a multi-million-dollar trading business.

I loved my job, and I felt that if I was ever to leave the oil and gas industry, I may never find a market that offered the same opportunities.  I also knew that without a plan, leaving my job would mean I’d be without income and totally unable to live the life I wanted.  It was a weird place to be: great job, but stuck, scared and worried about the future.

Then I met the power of Real Estate.

It started with one small house in SE Calgary.  I bought it, found an amazing tenant and watched my bank account start to grow.  I couldn’t believe that I was simultaneously building my net worth, and creating an amazing business relationship.  In my mind, there simply isn’t a better combination.

My experience purchasing and optimizing assets in the commodity world directly translated to the ability to find low risk, high cash flow Real Estate deals.  Four years later, my Real Estate portfolio consists of cash flowing, single family and suited properties in Calgary and Edmonton.  

I’m an avid skier, happier biking than walking, a bookworm, an international travel junkie, a landlord to 26 dynamic families, the wife of the most amazing man I know, a mom to 3 fantastic kids.  I love to spend as much time as possible outside.

To me, financial freedom means CHOICE.  Choices about where I live, what I do, what I food I eat, what I learn, who I spend time with and, most importantly, who I AM. I am passionate about helping others manage their financial futures and achieve the same ability to CHOOSE.